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Luxurious mixtures


Grass seed mixture with micro-clover with a very wide range of applications. Perfect for sowing in intensely-used areas. It can be used for dense, lush green lawns that will not lose any of their splendour after the winter season. Thanks to the added micro-clover, the lawn does not require nitrogen fertilisers. The lawn does not require frequent care and is highly tolerant of infrequent watering.
Skład produktu:
  • Mieszanka nasion traw - 97%, w tym:
    • życica trwała (I) - 40%
    • życica trwała (II) - 35%
    • kostrzewa czerwona - 20%
    • kostrzewa trzcinowa - 5%
  • Koniczyna biała - 3%
  • pudełka kartonowe: 1 kg
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